Quick start guides

We create concise, highly graphical quick start guides for your customers.

Quick start guides give your customers their first impression of you. A quick start guide is critical to getting your users over that first hurdle. Our technical writers and technical illustrators create guides that are concise, graphical and have great introductory content.

A quick start guide gives your product a professional look. It gives customers confidence in their new purchase.

Quick start guides

What are the features of our quick start guides?

Great layout

Our technical writers and illustrators produce quick start guides that are creative, attractive and easily read. Relying heavily on graphics, they are both easy to follow and visually appealing. We mainly use Adobe’s InDesign to create the layout, along with Illustrator and Photoshop to produce the graphics.

These publications are normally short in length (from 2 sides to 16). They use strong layout techniques to give balance to the pages. Page size is generally quite small in these publications.

Highly graphical

Quick start guides need to be highly graphical. If no words at all are used, so much the better. It will save on translation costs. Generally most of the time spent on a quick start guide is spent by the technical illustrator. Text needs to be strictly limited.

Linking to further information

Quick start guides are simply that. They are inadequate on their own. They must signpost users to places where they can find comprehensive user information. Our quick start guides do this, providing guidance on where to find further information.

Rigorously tested

Finally, a quick start guide must be user tested, again, again and again. Ideally, this should be by users that aren’t familiar with the product. We can produce this environment whereas development engineers are often too close to their product.

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Developed using the latest design techniques, our quick start guides look great and provide the correct amount of detail.