User guides and user manuals

Our technical writers create user guides and user manuals for software, hardware and electronic products

We have an in-house team of experienced technical authors. They create first-class user guides, training manuals and graphical quick start guides for software, hardware and technology products.

We use mainstream Microsoft and Adobe tools to do our work. We also provide you with the source files. This means you can maintain the documentation yourselves if you wish.

Release the pressure on your support desk and save costs.

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User guide options

Our technical writers create concise, graphical information that is task-based

Quick start guides
Our technical authors create brief Quick Sart Guides (QSGs) to help users get started with a product. Often in leaflet form, QSGs rely heavily on technical illustrations and diagrams. They are usually supported by further documentation, for example, online help or a more detailed user guide downloadable as a .PDF

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Reference guides
Our user guides are task-based documents, each section answering the question ‘How do I …….?’ Usually downloadable as .PDFs, our technical writers provide first class explanations, reducing the costs of your support function and helping your users get the most from your product.

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Single sourcing
So our technical writers produce a first class user guide for you. Using specialist technical authoring software (for example, Adobe’s RoboHelp or MadCap Flare) we can generate online, web enabled user assistance for you, from the same source. Every time the guide is updated, you only update the source, not both outputs.

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Our user guides feature:

Concise Plain English explanations

Simplicity is everything. Our technical authors write using Plain English. Our documentation is concise and well structured, with high readability. Our guides have strong navigation and an index, so readers can quickly find the section they need.

user guides
user guides

Task-based writing

Your customers read user guides with a specific objective. Usually to help carry out a particular task. Consequently our guides are written in a task-based format, providing easy-to-follow instructions. We don’t describe your product; we tell people how to use it.

Great illustrations and infographics

Our guides are highly graphical so that information can be quickly absorbed and translation costs kept to a minimum. Quick start guides are a particular skill which we know very well. Getting started with a project entails just following a series of graphics.

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