Technical writing consultancy

Let our experienced technical writing consultancy experts help you solve your technical publications problems.

Technical writing consultancy

Our technical writing consultancy staff  have huge experience in this field. They have each worked for an average of 30 years in tech pubs. There are few problems they haven’t met before.

You can use their technical writing consultancy expertise in different ways. They can help setup standards, solve technical issues and train or coach your staff.

They can advise on estimating, scheduling and the use of technical writing software.

Many blue-chip companies are following guidance given by Armada. There are lots of options.

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Technical writing consultancy options

We can offer technical writing consultancy on any stage of a documentation project.

Bespoke Documentation Consultancy

Our technical writing consultants can solve your tech pubs problems. We can advise on all aspects on staffing, training and equipment. We can provide temporary staff for you with the skill sets you need. Armada know about technical authoring techniques and processes. We can apply these in your own office.

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Authoring Software Consultancy

We have technical writing consultants who are expert users of most authoring software systems. We can assist your technical authors with any problems they have using this software. This includes designing templates and master pages. We can help solve your technical issues. We have particular expertise in .css and HTML5. We can make your output display on mobile devices.

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Technical Writing Training Courses

We run many technical writing courses. Some of these cover general skills. Other courses give training in specific software used by technical authors. We run courses at our own offices in the West Midlands, Milton Keynes and Reading. We also run courses at client sites as requested.

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technical writing consultancy

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