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Our technical writers create clear, concise, online help. It runs locally or over the web and on mobile devices.

Online help produced by our technical writers enhances your software. It helps control support costs as your customer base grows. Poor quality or non-existent online help reflects badly on you and can be a barrier to sales.

Our technical writers develop web enabled help using industry standard tools such as RoboHelp and MadCap Flare.

It can integrated with your software, if you wish and our responsive designs mean that it can be viewed on phones and tablets, as well as PCs.

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Online help options

We create different types of online help systems. Which one will suit your needs?.

Web enabled online help
Our technical writers create online help systems that can be hosted on a webserver, an intranet, or run locally. The help systems can be made responsive, so they can be viewed on tablets and mobiles as well as PCs. All online help is branded to reflect your organisation’s image.

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Wikis for online help
A different approach to online help is to use wiki technology. Let your support team and users contribute to the online help (subject to access rights). Using Confluence software from Atlassian, our technical authors can create a wiki help system for you.

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Context sensitive help
Our technical writers create online help that you can integrate with your software. Users can follow a link on a screen in your software that takes them straight to the online help for that screen.

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What our online help includes

Great content

Our online help has content that is task-based. Each topic tells users what they have to do to carry out a specific job. Our technical authors develop the content structure in consultation with support and training, so the real user issues are addressed.

online help
Online help

Strong design

A whole body of knowledge has been developed about how web sites are designed and displayed in browsers. Our technical writers bring these theories into our online help design. We create help systems that are attractive and colourful. Our technical authors use infographics, video and screen examples to make the content engaging.

Concise, easy-to-follow writing

Our technical writers follow the principles of Plain English. Our help systems makes the complex simple. Sentences are short and written in the active voice. Tense constructions are straightforward. Proof-reading and testing are built into our project plans to ensure our technical writers produce first-class work.

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Online help

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