Knowledge transfer systems

Create knowledge transfer systems to distribute knowledge to everyone in your organisation.

Knowledge transfer

As organisations grow, knowledge can become concentrated in a few hands. Knowledge transfer is the process of moving this knowledge around. They make sure that the right knowledge, gets to the right people in your company.

Armada create knowledge systems for our clients. These aid knowledge transfer. The organisation's policies, working practices and processes are available online. They can be viewed by everyone, on any device, anywhere.

Knowledge is like any other corporate asset. It must be used to the full for business success.

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Why have a knowledge transfer system?

Consistency and standardisation

With a knowledge transfer system, all staff know the correct work procedures and processes. They know what to do in any given situation and when they should refer it to their boss.

knowledge transfer
knowledge transfer

Safeguarding the knowledge asset

So what do you do when key staff leave? Do they take with them all their knowledge and expertise? A knowledge transfer system means that their knowledge doesn't leave with them. It stays behind in the knowledge transfer system so everyone can still access it.

Business efficiency

A knowledge transfer system improves business efficiency. It makes staff more independent. It makes them more able to make decisions. It gives everyone a proper understanding of policy and procedure. It prevents bottlenecks of decision making as problems are referred upwards.

knowledge transfer
knowledge transfer

Regulatory compliance

A modern business has to demonstrate that they have taken all possible steps to comply with relevant laws. A knowledge transfer system helps make this point. If the rules and best practice are posted for everyone to see, regulatory compliance may be improved.

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We create two different types of knowledge transfer systems. Which one will suit your needs?

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