Technical writing outsourcing to Armada

Technical writing outsourcing is a specialist business. It's something we've been doing for 30 years.

Technical writing outsourcing is a specialist business. It’s a field we are experts in. Our team of technical authors is probably one of the best in the industry. We have our own systems and processes. These act as a quality check. They result in high quality work every time. We follow these on every project.

If you have a problem with your user assistance, we can solve it for you. Armada have the facilities and expertise to produce great material.

Technical writing outsourcing to Armada will improve your user assistance.

technical writing outsourcing

Reasons for technical writing outsourcing to Armada


We know the best documentation solutions for different industries. We know how to estimate and manage documentation projects. We have established systems, methodologies and processes for providing high quality work. Technical writing outsourcing to Armada brings this expertise to you.

Cost Savings

All our technical authors are high productivity experts. This means we can generally bring cost savings to your technical publications expenditure, whilst improving the quality of the documentation.


We charge a set amount every month. The cost depends on the units of technical authoring staff you need and the type of staff. You have certainty and consistency of expenditure, with no large bills to pay on completion of projects.

Our staff

Our permanent technical authors are talented and very well trained. We’re a training company as well as a technical authoring company. As such we recognise the value of training. All our staff receive first class training in all aspects of their work. We’re an authorised Adobe Training Centre. Our technical authoring courses are accredited by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

Technical Infrastructure

We have the servers, technical authoring software and the workstations for a complete technical publications operation.

Systems and Processes

Armada have developed structured approaches to technical writing. We have methodologies in place and processes that we follow to ensure our staff produce quality work on every occasion. These processes apply at every stage of the documentation process, from research and estimating through to proof-reading and testing.


You can change the number of technical authors in your ‘virtual’ technical publications department. If you need to roll-out more user assistance, we can provide more technical writing resource for you.

What can you outsource with Armada?

We offer the complete technical writing packages