Technical author revolution

technical authoring revolutionNew software that creates documentation in all formats at the press of a button. The single sourcing revolution is here.

AFD15 for every technical author

AFD15 is a great new piece of software designed specifically for the technical author and documentation market.

Write in your chosen format and convert to any other format with one click. Output needs no extra tweaking. Unlike other software that claims to be the perfect single source solution, AFD15 actually delivers.

It all sounds too good to be true but I have recently been lucky enough to get my hands on a presale copy of AFD15 and so far so good. No more lengthy conversions when producing multi device documentation. I created a brief helpguide in Word uploaded it into AFD15, selected a few key colours and generated for mobile devices. It worked. I was also able to create an online wiki using AFD15, allowing users to interact with the documentation.

There is even a function for creating e-learning for software. Link your chosen software to AFD15 and upload the documentation for a chosen task. AFD15 digests the procedures and moves through them in the client software recording live screen shots as it goes.

So is this the product that every technical author dreams of? Vive la revolution? Follow the link to find out more…

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Technical author revolution
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