Armada christmas special – Best blogs 2014

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So it is fast approaching the end of the year, and what a year it has been. We thought we’d end the blog this year with something a bit different. A few of us have gone and found our favourite external blogs from 2014 so that you can all enjoy them.

We hope you enjoy the posts, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do in the next few day!

Lynne Wilton – Technical Author

I recently read Larry Kunz’s blog on being prepared as a technical author, this resonated with me as I sometimes feel a little underprepared when starting a new project. The traits of determination and resourcefulness and the willingness to accept help are definitely strengths I have learned to develop in my four years as a technical author.

I would also add empathy and listening skills to this list of preparation tools. The ability to empathise with end users is a great starting point to any project; this is easy if you are working on a product with completely fresh eyes. It is also important to listen to your client and absorb as much information as possible before embarking on a new project. Listening has as much to do with understanding a company’s culture as it does learning about a product.

Sam Sturley – Training Co-Ordinator

I personally like It’s a very entertaining blog about a lot of random things, including great writing tips. Neville is an expert at writing copy, and even better at distilling his knowledge into small, easy to understand chunks instead of confusing the reader with lots of boring technical jargon. I subscribed a while ago and still read every email he sends out. If you write as part of your job and have a sense of humour, I recommend you give it a try.


George Hill – e-Learning

My pick is SHIFT’s e-Learning blog post titled “Using the Psycology of Suprise to Grab Your Learners’s Attention“. The post outlines why it is important to keep learners guessing and the importance of surprise. She gives a nice overview of how the brain reacts to surprising information delivery vs standard delivery. I enjoyed the post because I understood it to mean I should make my e-Learning more like Monty Python, which can only be a good thing.

Another highlight is a great quote from Mars Dorain:

“Look for something small and common that people don’t pay attention to because it’s standardized and then “remarkablize” it.”

This is good advice for any developer, be it online help or e-Learning.

Armada christmas special – Best blogs 2014
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