Reference guides

We create concise, highly graphical quick start guides for your customers.

Reference guides give your customers detailed information about your product. They are often needed for licence or compliance reasons. They give your users details of all the features of your product. They ensure that your customers have all the information they need at hand. Reference guides can make your users more less reliant.

reference guides

What are the features of our reference guides?

Comprehensive detail

Reference guides must cover every feature and facility of a product. It must be thorough. One reason for this is so that users are aware of all the features that can be used. Other reasons include compliance and health and safety. If important information is not provided, a liability may occur.

Task based

No-one reads a reference guide for fun. They read it to find out how to carry out a task. The writing style has to be task based. It tells users how to carry out a specific job. It should never describe things. It must always provide instructions on how to complete a task. Each section should answer the question, ‘How do I….?’

Easily understood

Our style of writing uses Plain English. Our reference guides always undergo readability testing before they are released. It makes them easier to understand. Users are able to absorb complex information if it is written simply and concisely.

Downloadable as .PDFs

Recent research in the technical authoring industry has shown one thing. Users love to have guides available for them to download as .PDFs. It means they don’t have to store bulky paper manuals. They always have the latest version available to them. All our reference guides are provided as .PDFs.

Properly indexed

Users never read a reference guide from start to finish. They dip into it when they have a problem. For this reason they have to find the section they need quickly. Indexing provides a gateway to find the section they need. A well indexed guide is therefore essential.

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Our reference guides provide great detail. They are important for compliance and ensuring your customers know your product.