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Quick start guides - Logitech

There are many quick start guide samples we could show you from work we've done for Logitech. We've created many guides for them over the past 15 years. Their quick start guides are designed to be highly visual. They contain as little text as possible.

The samples below is for Logitech's BLOK case for the iPad Air 2. It places the emphasis on diagrams and drawings. The limited text that exists in this sample is very concise.

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User guides - Logitech

As well as quick start guides, we've created many user guides for Logitech. These provide much more detailed user information than the quick start guides on how to carry out specific tasks with a device. Though still very visual, they give step-by-step instructions on how to complete key tasks.

There are two user guide samples below. The first is for a protective case with an integrated keyboard for the Samsung GALAXY Tab4. The second of the user guide samples is for the HD webcam guide.

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Reference guide - iSAMS Calendar Manager

This section provides user guide samples created by Armada. Research from several different sources confirm that users still want a downloadable .pdf reference guide as their main source of information for their IT product. Armada create dozens of these for our clients every year.

The sample which you can access below is from iSAMS. iSAMS have developed a school management system. It provides all the administrative and academic tools needed to run a school in one package. This iSAMS Calendar Manager Guide covers one of the modules to their system. These user guide samples show a typical layout and a task-based structure. Armada produced the original English language version of these guides, including all of the illustrations.

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