Context sensitive help

Context sensitive help can be integrated into your software

Context sensitive help is online help specific to a screen that a user is accessing. The help relates directly to that screen. It can be accessed directly from that software screen.

Good online help must be easily available. Having to move to a different browser window is a barrier. An even larger barrier is having to login separately to access the help. Then of course finding the best help topic is another major barrier.

Our technical authors write great context sensitive help. Your users can access it at the click of a button.

Context sensitive help

What are the advantages of context sensitive help?

Context sensitive help is linked to your software. This means that users can find the help system very easily. It also takes them direct to that section of the help that's relevant to them. It saves users having to search through the full help system to find the section they need.

The context sensitive help can be shown is a new window alongside the software you are using. You can view both the software and help together.

How does context sensitive help work?

When we deliver the final online help files, our technical authors provide your software developers with a spreadsheet of context ids.

For each screen in your software, your developers insert the context id we have given them. This provides a link to the appropriate online help page.

When users are in a screen and are not certain what to do, clicking on a help button takes them direct to the context sensitive help page they need.

A hyperlink from this page gives users full access to the online help system at the click of a single button.

We create context sensitive help that can be integrated with your software

Your users can easily find online help they need, direct from the screen they are using.