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technical authors

Our Services

Our services include creating online help, user guides and knowledge systems.

Online help

Our technical writers create online help that can be hosted on a webserver, an intranet, or run locally. The help systems can be made responsive, so they can be viewed on tablets and mobiles as well as PCs. All online help is branded to reflect your company's style..

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User guides

We create a variety of user guides. From brief quick start guides to detailed reference guides, we cover all bases. Our style is based on Plain English and is task based. Research shows users still want .PDF user guides to download. It’s all about saving support costs.

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Knowledge systems

Information is critical. Give your staff access to the information they need through a knowledge system. These can be accessed anywhere, on any type of device. Whether it’s looking-up HR policy or technical data, we give your staff knowledge at their finger tips.

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Clients and testimonials

technical authors

Armada Technical Authors

Armada Technical Authors began in 1991 when the company was founded by Nigel Platts and Steven Smith. 

Nigel Platts and Steven Smith are still very much active in the business. They each have over 30 years’ experience as technical authors. They bring a wealth of knowledge to each project they work on.

Our Technical Authors main office is in Bromsgrove, south of Birmingham. We also have offices in Milton Keynes and in Reading.... read more.


technical authors

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