Case Study: Online Help using RoboHelp

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At Armada we are very proud of our success rate in winning new business. Read our case study on a client requiring an online help solution.


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The client required an online help system to be rolled out with the latest version of their product. The system was to be aimed at administrator level users. It had to document initial setup and key tasks and mirror the layout and design of the client’s own product.


We ran through the options that would meet the client’s requirements. This included a wiki where users could interact with each other to enhance the help system, task based e-learning modules and a responsively designed online help system.

Online help proposal

The client settled on our recommendation of online help built using Robohelp 11. Creating the online help system with this method provided the client with the look and feel they required to mirror their product. We were also able to offer context sensitive help, where each page of the online help is directly linked to a field in their product. We could develop a responsive design to make the online help as user friendly as possible by making it available to use on a variety of devices (Robohelp 11 generates a great fluid grid layout in online help). At this stage we were able to provide a quote for the time and costs of the project.

Winning the online help contract

We visited the client and met with decision makers before being offered the contract. The client chose Armada for the contract because of our experience in producing online help, we were able to show them examples of previous work which they were inspired by. We also produced a sample of the online help for the client to review.

Planning the online help project

After being offered the contract for the project, we moved onto the planning stage. Based on our original quote for time and costs we put together a detailed project plan, this included exactly how much time we would need to spend on each part of the online help system and an estimated delivery date.

An Armada director was given overall responsibility for the project. We also established a main contact within the client’s organisation and assigned a dedicated technical author from our team. At Armada we prefer to work with clients on a one to one basis, this usually speeds up the process of decision making and ensures consistency in the work we produce. Both the director and technical author had a day at the client site running through the product in detail.

Building the online help project

We created a template in Robohelp 11, mirroring the styling of the client product. We also incorporated some imagery from the client’s website to add some interest to the introduction pages in the online help. We ensured that the client approved this before moving on.

The structure of the project was fairly straight forward as the client had requested that we adopt the same tree menu as their product. Our author had weekly updates with the client contact to answer questions as they arose. The Armada director with overall responsibility for the project also kept in touch with client decision makers with regular reports detailing the project’s progress.

Delivering the online help project

A draft version of the online help was delivered to the client for approval within the deadline, following this some minor amendments were made to the layout. Once the final version of the project was approved and delivered (within deadline), it eventually went live alongside the latest version of the product.

This online project took approximately 4-5 months to complete from confirmation of the contract to delivering the final project.


It is always important to get feedback for projects, both positive and negative, to develop your skills for the future and maintain customer relations going forward. I am pleased to say that the client was very happy with the final release of the online help system and feedback from end users was also positive. Click here to see the final project for yourself.


At Armada we can offer online help produced in the latest Adobe products. Read our review on the latest version of Robohelp.

Case Study: Online Help using RoboHelp

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